Veggie Galaxy Site & Photography

Task: Overhaul existing website for something fresh, fun, and user friendly. Balance clean modern design with the funky Veggie Galaxy brand.

Key factors

  • Locally owned
  • Tasty, fun food for vegans/vegetarians AND everyone else. Inclusive.
  • Diner style food with a vegetarian twist
  • Family friendly
  • Unique bakery offerings
  • Weekly specials


  • Locals checking hours, menu, looking for phone number or location
  • Tourists looking for a vegetarian spot

Landing Page

Bold photography, clear “who we are” statement, and important stuff above the navbar: hours, phone (clickable for mobile) and social links.

Scroll me!


Had a little fun with the bakery design, breaking it up into blocks with GIANT cake images- because who doesn’t want to see a giant cake?


Blue Plate Special

Veggie Galaxy has a new Blue Plate Special every week. Since they are super active on social media and always post this dish without fail, I decided to integrate their instagram using a specific hashtag that pulls in the current special. Not only can you read the name and description, you can see a photo!

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