Talk UX Conference 2018

Talk UX is an annual international design & technology conference led by women. Within the planning committee (a small group of extremely talented women) I managed the design/implementation of the website, graphic design, and any other techy things that came up!

Landing Page

Went with a one-page design to keep things minimal and clean. We wanted a very light and open feel with easily digestible information. Subtle animation on the main city graphic added a little character.

This page transitioned throughout the conference planning process– from just a name and location to full-fledged speaker information and ticket sales.

For the day of the conference, I created an abbreviated “Agenda” page optimized for mobile users so our attendees could quickly reference the schedule and see a live Twitter feed. My goal was to provide a way for people to feel collected to the conference and hopefully each other through Twitter!



Again, with our large scale signage we went as simple as possible but with BRIGHT colors so they would really pop in the venue. 

Photography by Genesia Ting

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