Savenor’s Market Identity​

TL;DR: I re-designed the Savenor's logo, designed the in-store experience in Cambridge, became a food photographer and managed all social media, designed their website and online ordering, assisted with designing events for brand awareness, trained staff to maintain store signage, ate (a lot) of very tasty things.

Task: Modernize a family owned butcher shop established in 1939 with a reputation of being “the best on the block.” Savenor’s has a unique history and continues to supply some of the best meat in the world to their local Boston community. The challenge was to translate what makes them special into their brand identity and throughout both retail locations.

Key Factors

Family owned 

  • Support local businesses
  • Well established butchering and sourcing
  • Name recognition
  • Trust/reliable

Quality meat

  • Prime beef (2% of beef in the US is Prime)
  • Giannone chicken (it’s really dang good)
  • Unique offerings/exotic things
  • Moderate price points for such high level quality


  • Whole animal butchery
  • Community
  • Know your butcher by name

Modernized Logo & Color Palette

Altered the original Toth design logo using a similar primary font (bebas neue) and added in a slab serif that could be used on the web. New accent colors to help with various design projects, along with a few script fonts for fun. 
Created a lockup using the base logo with store addresses, website and the company slogan “the best on the block.”


Cambridge Renovation Signage

Started from scratch here and went through a few iterations. Planning signage for a store that isn’t open/functioning yet is a real challenge, and some things didn’t work out as planned once customers were interacting with them. Also having limited resources meant that I needed to create things that could easily be managed by a busy butcher or store manager.

The meat tags were printed on a thick styrene and laser cut. They’re durable and washable, so we printed a massive set that could be rotated in and out of the case. Also created a few blanks for butchers to write in.

I designed the chalk wall in Illustrator and projected most of it onto the wall, filling in with a liquid chalk pen. We eventually created chalk-like black strips with different cuts so butchers could swap out what we had in stock. 

Both locations got fresh awnings and window signage. I designed gold window decals for Cambridge to allow the most light to enter the shop but also add a graphic element. 

meat tags design

Graphics, Labeling & Swag

Savenor’s had TONS of opportunities for fresh design elements. From flyer-like designs to tote bags and hats- I wanted to keep the concepts grounded in the Savenor’s brand while also adding in fun touches. I spent a lot of time researching other famous butcher shops and their marketing all had a similar illustrated flair to it. 

Packaged food labeling was by far the biggest challenge. When I was on site I was constantly updating labels for the kitchen staff which wasn’t super efficient. I designed the black circle labels with an open spot in the middle to accommodate hand writing or a mailing label sticker. I wasn’t a fan of hand writing though as I wanted to keep everything consistent. Eventually I transferred any label work into Word docs so just about anyone could edit files and print a label sheet. They still maintain this practice today!


Building Community: Events, Meat Share Program, Tasting Nights

Part of my role at Savenor’s was marketing design and strategy. In Cambridge, we wanted to bring in new customers and showcase what made us a unique experience. With the help of a really dedicated staff we created some programming we thought would be fun for a customer, but also educate them. 

The meat share program came naturally to us as we had just started doing whole animal butchery at the newly renovated shop. Picking an animal each month and having customers purchase a share while also learning about how that animal gets broken down (and how we use every single part) was good for Savenor’s financially, but also meant we could reliably put a whole animal to good use with very little waste. This took off immediately and is still offered today!

We tested different events, like cheese and charcuterie night to showcase out house-made charcuterie (at the time.) We also tried out a dinner series called La Peetch to showcase our talented kitchen staff and what you can accomplish with Savenor’s meats. These events were important brand awareness work that unfortunately ended up not being cost effective for the company. 

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