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Mid-Senior Level UI/UX driven Design Technologist/Engineer

Katie’s Ideal Company is looking for a Design Technologist of sorts– part designer, part engineer. This person has a background in visual or product design and has advanced CSS/HTML skills with working JavaScript knowledge. They enjoy taking part in the design process, but care more about how the designs are implemented on the front-end. They stay up to date on the latest technology and best practices.

Katie’s Ideal Company respects the hybrid nature of this position and encourages cross team collaboration between Engineering, Product/Design, and Marketing/Brand. This position requires the ability to communicate with other teams, clearly articulating the design and implementation process and accurately setting expectations.

Day to day:

  • Take part in the design process with the product team providing technical insight and articulating what is possible within current company standards (or what could be introduced)
  • Work closely with designers, making sure expectations are set as to how close to spec their work will be implemented. Eliminate the pain points between engineering and design.
  • Work with full-stack or back-end engineers to ensure data is being served up in a straight-forward, clean way (aka you like to avoid the need for a million <div> tags)
  • Implement semantic and accessible HTML or templating language 
  • Write CSS/LESS/SASS that is reusable and clear
  • Create reusable UI components

Nice to Have:

  • Contribute or build a design system including a styleguide, and own it! Use it as a tool to encourage consistency and teach full-stack engineers how they can utilize it.
  • Be a mentor for other UI engineers or designers– willingness to SHARE knowledge, maybe even lead a small team of people dedicated to front-end code
  • Enjoy the nitty-gritty stuff, like optimizing images or graphics (SVG) or even art directing imagery/photography for a product
  • Interaction design

Katie’s Ideal Company is more concerned with willingness to learn than experience. Candidates should have a few years experience working with different templating software or technology, and be able to quickly adapt to the latest and greatest. We value a good balance of past-experience expertise and willingness to change and grow as an engineer. We don’t love it when employees are tied to doing things their way without explanation. 

Final Note:

We think it’s important to stress that this is NOT a “Full Stack Engineer” roll. We appreciate that a Design Technologist is curious about how things work, but their expertise is better used somewhere between Design Land and Engineering Land. We do not expect them to pick just one, nor do we expect them to be an expert in either (or both.) They are a generalist at heart, and provide great value by their broad involvement across teams working towards a common goal.

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